Ramón Baylón

Ramon Baylon was born in Salamanca. He started his artistic career very young. He experienced in his childhood the fun of creating with mud and clay from the ground. Then he learned the techniques of painting, engraving and modelling at the Saint Eloy School in Salamanca.

Very soon he started crafting with a pocket knife an amazing collection of Indian shapes and Indian symbology just from pieces of wood that he found. He studied Applied Arts and Crafts and worked with several master sculptors, specializing in the treatment of a variety of materials such as stone, wood, bronze, resins etc.

He also specializes in moulding which allowed him to work with the company Proart in the renovation of different historic monuments like Salamanca’s cathedral, the palace of the Aguilas in Ciudad Rodrigo, Alba de Tormes etc.

One of his most spectacular creations is the Stone reproduction at 1:2 scale of the facade of the University of Salamanca and the Portico de la Gloria of the cathedral of that city, a work commissioned by the city of Gifu (Japan).

Other important work has been the renovation of the original sepulchre of Saint Therese of Jesus in Alba de Tormes and the sculpting of the porch of the hotel Dona Brigida in Salamanca. His natural inspiration pushes him to produce a prodigious original work with different mediums. He also crafts jewellery in bronze.

He takes too commissioned work. All his oeuvre is characterized by his enormous talent, patience and dedication.

“Thanks to the passion for his work, Ramon express himself through his hands. So beauty is transformed into Art”

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