Juan Iglesias

Juan Andres Iglesias Cuesta, from Salamanca, started his professional career in Art very young. Since childhood, he has shown a natural talent in artistic drawing as well as sculpture.

He learned from his father, who was a renowned master in industrial painting, the art of drawing and portrait painting. He studied Applied Arts and Crafts in Salamanca Arts School, specializing in moulding.

He has worked as sculptor with Proart in the renovation of the new Salamanca Cathedral, Puerta de Ramos, Patio Chico, in the Palacio de los Águila in Ciudad Rodrigo, Palacio de Fonseca in Salamanca and Colegio Universitario Hernán Cortés.

He takes commissioned work. The sculptural busts or portraits in stone and bronze for different clients are especially remarkable. Also noteworthy are his heraldic crests made in stone of Villamayor like those you can see on La Casa de Galicia, Arcediano Street in Salamanca.

Most recently he has continued to create very important works of stone sculpting for individuals and businesses. He specializes in handling and processing procedures for sculpting other materials like bronze, wood and acrylic resins.

Amongst his most remarkable Works are the reproduction of the Salamanca University facade and Portico de la Gloria for the city of Gifu, (Japan), and the renovation of the original sepulchre of Saint Therese of Jesus in Alba de Tormes (Salamanca).

He is a skilled portrait painter and sculptor as you can see in these pages where part of his work is exhibited.


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